Exhibition The Right to Build

28/06/19 - 08/12/19
Exhibition The Right to Build

architektonické centrum ARCAM
Prins Hendrikkade 600,  Amsterdam


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All over the world, people are building their own homes. Sometimes this stems from a strong personal desire, at other times it follows from necessity. The Right to Build presents a snapshot of iconic, diverse types of self-build which have manifested themselves in Amsterdam and Almere in the past ten years. These initiatives are mirrored with international examples from the same period. The exhibition focuses on the tension between personal initiatives and regulations.

In the past ten years, there has been a great deal of experimentation in the field of self-build in Amsterdam and Almere. This has not only resulted in unique single families homes, but also in terrace houses from catalogues, collectively realised housing complexes, and complete area developments.

After decades of social individualisation, self-build now also offers the consumer space for personal expression in the field of housing. But is there still space for self-build now that the city is growing and densifying under high pressure? Do we have the right to realise our own living environment and to what extent can or should a government stimulate or regulate this type of urban development?

The Amsterdam Architecture Centre will be temporarily transformed into a real self-build area and will fuel the discussion on this phenomenon by examining twelve projects, among which are the floating neighbourhood Schoonschip, the ADM terrain, Palais Récup and Almere Oosterwold.

to stimulate the debate about the upcoming ten years of self-build, architecture firms KRFT, LOA and SLA have been invited to develop a vision for the future of self-build. What kind of contribution can self-build offer to the 250,000 extra homes which are needed in the Amsterdam metropolitan region? Who is allowed to build what, and what kind of city should result from this?